The North County Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors Association serves the dual purpose of maintaining the high professional standards of its members and providing liaison between government agencies and private businesses.  The Association promotes integrity, good faith, just and equitable principles in business, uniformity in professional practices, and represents the business and professional interests of Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors in  City and County legislation throughout the San Diego County and neighboring regions.

The purpose of this directory is to introduce persons needing engineering services to the member firms practicing in North County.

The discussion of services, location and listing of firms are presented in a form which will allow you to easily select the engineering firm properly qualified for your job. We hope you will find this directory useful and look forward to working with you on your next project.

Membership is Open to Three Types of Firms:

  • REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: Open to any reputable person, association, corporation or partnership licensed to practice Civil Engineering and/or Land Surveying in the North San Diego County geographic area.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Composed of all other reputable interested professional individuals or firms in related design fields.
  • AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP: Composed of all other reputable interested individuals or firms.

To join, a firm needs to complete a membership application and submit to the Board of Directors for review.  When approved by the Board, the new firm will be required to pay both the annual dues and an initiation fee.  Upon acceptance as a member, the firm will then obtain all the rights and privileges that apply to their membership type. To obtain a membership application and/or further information, please contact us at our email address and supply a brief summary of yourself and your firm.

Download the membership application below:

Download Current Membership Roster

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