May Meeting

Our speaker was Randy Walston, City Councilman for San Marcos who brought us up to date on what’s happening in the City.

San Marcos has nearly 100,000 residents, 75 percent of the city is in redevelopment and the City has received monies from the state to gentrify.  Lots of parks and trails, in fact the Trail system so extensive it is a County destination  San Marcos is home to 10 breweries and over 250 restaurants.

Restaurant row, (where we currently meet), is in a 2-3 year redevelopment. The Eubanks family, the original developers, have recently sold the property and there is no current information on the new ownership’s plans.   It has been rezoned for mixed use.  Existing buildings have historical value Railroad ties, tile roofs, and river rock.  Great meeting place in the 80s and 90s.  We understand that the builder is currently working on renderings and design.

San Marcos Creek Project (along San Marcos Creek upstream of Lake San Marcos to Highway 78) has 2 bridges under construction one on Bent and the second at Via Vera Cruz.  Discovery Road is being widened at the West end near San Marcos Blvd.  As part of the project San Marcos Creek will be re-vegetated.

Discovery Village South is a project currently under construction with 300 single family units plus additional Multi-Family Units and is working on extending Discovery at the East end to connect to North City.

North City Project is currently in all stages of construction and planning by Seabreeze Developers with vision for the community, designed by Safdie Rabines Architects and is expected to have 2800 residential units, 1.7M SF Retail/Commercial  including hotels with 400 or more units.  As part of the project there will be 800 units for student housing, 400-500 apartment units  including parking.  they have also applied for a Specific Plan Amendment to allow for a 16 story high building to save space on grade.

“Area of Arts- Marcos” is in design with a craft food mall.  The new 7 story Kaiser hospital is scheduled to be completed next year.

Update the intersection of Discovery & San Marcos Boulevard

150 condo units approved on Barham, 10 floor plans

City of San Marcos is updating their General Plan.  Public Workshops on 6/8 and 6/9 :

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